Hộp đấu nối chống cháy nổ Weidmuller

Hộp đấu nối dây chống cháy nổ của nhà sản xuất Weidmuller đã được sử dụng trong các dự án Oil & Gas, Petrochemical,.. tại Việt Nam cũng như trên toàn thế giới.

Weidmuller Explosion Proof enclosure systems product range


Klippon® steel enclosures

Klippon® steel enclosures provide outstanding high-performance features to satisfy the toughest demands within the harshest environments.

Klippon® aluminium enclosures

The fully featured Klippon® K aluminium enclosures are designed for use in a wide variety of electrical installations - from industrial applications to harsh environmental conditions.


Klippon® plastic enclosures

The polyester enclosures provide a high quality solution for all electrical connectivity applications, including those located within harsh environments.

Modified and assembled enclosures

Power and distribution

For installation of signal and power distribution in explosive risk zones, various types of terminal boxes and junction boxes are available. Due to customised configurations of terminals and cable glands, as well as various earthing options, the Terminal Box will fulfill any installation requirements and is the optimal solution for any application.

  • Approved according to the latest ex regulations
  • Authorised as equipment for use in hazardous areas (Zones 0, 1, 2, and 20, 21, 22)
  • Certified according to international standards
  • Explosion protection including Ex e, Ex ia, and Ex tb

Instrumentation and control

Explosive risk zone enclosure assemblies have to withstand immense pressures in the field in order to reliably protect the sensitive electronic and control components from external influences. Our customised control stations combine various control devices and status displays with electronic components in the enclosure.

Your benefits
  • Various components such as transmitters and fieldbus distributors integrable
  • Wiring of the connection terminals included
  • Usable plug-and-play solution with all required approvals

Monitoring and safety

In our electronics box as well as in other ready-made versions, up to 20 signal converters, terminal blocks for connecting devices, and intrinsically safe circuits can be mounted, depending on the enclosure design. The standard version of the electronics box is supplied with ATEX approval and the corresponding marking.

  • Identification and operation of the devices, optionally with protection types Ex ia, Ex ib, Ex ic, or Ex nA
  • Completely assembled enclosures available with further international approvals and type-appropriate marking
  • IECEx, EAC Ex, and NEPSI applicable
  • Cl. 1 Div. 2 Identification available for use in North America

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Các dòng vỏ tủ chống cháy nổ Weidmuller bằng kim loại
  • Klippon® TB: Robust universal enclosures for harsh environments
  • Klippon® STB: Small enclosures for tiny spaces in harsh environments
  • Klippon® EBi: EBiRugged enclosures for demanding industrial environments
Các dòng vỏ tủ chống cháy nổ Weidmuller bằng nhôm
  • Klippon® K enclosures are extremely robust and impact resistant. Nineteen different sizes and two different surfaces - powder coated and natural - offer maximum flexibility.
Các dòng vỏ tủ chống cháy nổ Weidmuller bằng Plastic
  • Klippon® POK: Klippon® POK enclosures are made from high-quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester. It is suited for applications and environments where corrosion and impact resistance, as well as a high IP protection, are required. The range is also designed and certified for use in hazardous areas.
  • TBF Polyester enclosures: The enclosures in the TBF range are made from sturdy glass-fibre reinforced polyester. They offer a universal solution for protection of components such as controllers, measuring instruments, valves and other devices. The TBF enclosures are available with either transparent or grey lids.

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