MTL Data Surge Tester MLDT28500

MTL Data Surge Tester MLDT28500 is a versatile and compact, bench-top test device designed to give performance status of data communication surge protectors. This portable, rugged tester analyses the surge protector’s continuity and leakage current, making these tests quick and easy during routine maintenance. LEDs illuminate to indicate surge module health, allowing users to quickly determine whether the surge protection device has failed or degraded in performance to an unacceptable level.

MLDT28500 This simple to operate surge tester gives a “go” or “no go” (pass or fail) status and is designed to test data communication surge protectors that have a voltage rating of 7V, 16V, 32V or 55V. The continuity function of the tester can be used to analyse any voltage-rated data surge protector. It also features a custom receptacle for the testing MTL SD Modular surge protection modules. These tests validate the integrity of the surge protection system, ensuring safety and a continuous high-level of protection.


  • Easy-to-read LED indicators
  • Simple pass / fail operation
  • Selectable test voltages
  • Continuity and leakage current tests
  • Slot for testing MTL SD Modular plug modules
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Rugged carrying case
  • Operates from 90V – 264V AC


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MLDT28500   Test equipment for MTL data Surge protection devices Datasheet  Manual 

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